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You won't forget your first time foiling.

Gold Coast Hydrofoil Tours

Private Lesson

2 hour lesson/guided tour on the beautiful Gold Coast. (Mon-Fri Only)

Gold Coast Hydrofoil Tours

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Get the crew and go as a group of up to 3 people.
 2 hour lesson/guided tour.

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Gold Coast Hydrofoil Tours

Corporate Days

Day Trips that are perfect for team building and corporate events. Up to 10 people

Fun for the whole crew!

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Extend your senses

You won’t forget your first time foiling with Gold Coast Hydrofoil Tours. Wings fly below while you soar above. Almost anyone can learn, yet even the most experienced watersports athletes will have a blast on our eFoil Fliteboards.

The freedom to ride anywhere, any time, without wind or waves. It’s fast, quiet, and emission free!

Escape the crowds – fly anywhere, any time. Ride alone with your instructor or ride with friends to share the learning experience.

Experience the sensation of flying over water

At Gold Coast Hydrofoil Tours we offer guided tours/lessons on the beautiful canals of the Gold Coast. 

We use the market leading brand of Fliteboard to supply our eFoil’s. Don’t settle for anything less.

Our instructor’s goal is to get you eFoiling on your first experience.

Unlike kiteboarding,snowboarding, or skiing, the learning curve is far easier, with greater reward.

Even for those with no previous water sports experience we can get you foiling with a focus on safety whilst building your confidence and skills.

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Authorized Fliteschool

We are an Authorized Fliteschool. Our guided tours/lessons go for up to 2 hours and start from AUD 195.  Fliteschools give everyone a chance to learn how to ride an eFoil Fliteboard in a supportive and fun environment. And you don’t need to buy an eFoil Fliteboard to experience it!

With our eFoil Fliteboard you will not only ride a powered board, you can rise up on the hydrofoil to literally fly above the water; no wind, waves or towing required; this new activity is an experience like no other;

Easy to Learn

Learning to Fliteboard is different for everyone. All of our students get up and flying by the end of the session. 

At Gold Coast Hydrofoil Tours we have seen people with limited water sports experience get the hang of the Fliteboard very quickly, and others that need a number sessions and a few hours of practice. 

However most riders will be having fun instantly, as riding on the board, even when not foiling is rewarding. Similar to riding a bike, with practice, foiling becomes automatic.

Our instructors have been running hydrofoil lessons on the Gold Coast for over 5 years now and ensure that every student get’s up and flying!

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Who is Foiling for?

Efoiling is for everyone.  Our hydrofoil lessons are broken down into 3 stages. Laying down, on your knees and standing up. Our Fliteboard hydrofoils are much easier to learn than for example Kite-foiling or SUP-foiling.

This new exiting water sport is for people who love the nature, and want to explore the ocean in an extraordinary way. Besides, still considerate of our surrounding and keen to minimize impact on our environment.

No prior surfing experience is needed-we’ll get you flying within the first lesson!

We have taught kids from as young as 12 and our oldest fliteboarder was 75!

Some our most stoked riders are father / son / daughter groups.

How does the eFoil Fliteboard work?

The rider is standing on a super stable high volume surfboard and controls the electric engine, which is attached to a hydrofoil, via a wireless remote controller.
Since engine and hydrofoil is submerged and the surfboard is apart from the water surface meanwhile foiling, your ride is extremely smooth and efficient without any chop impact on the board.

It doesn’t get any better than that!

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Gold Coast Hydrofoil Tours

We are located behind the Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort. The best place to park is 36 Paradise Plc, Surfers Paradise. Once you arrive, walk down the boardwalk beside the back of the resort to access the Marina.

Alternatively, paid parking is available at the Surfers Paradise JW Marriott Resort. You can then walk around the front of the resort to the side to access the wooden boardwalk to the Marina.

If travelling by public transport, any Surfers Paradise bus stop is within walking distance. The G Link Tram runs every 10 - 15 minutes with the nearest stop at Surfers Paradise North.

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