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Gold Coast Hydrofoil Tours is one of Australia’s Leading proviers of hydrofoil lessons, and an Authorized Flightschool (official provider of lessons using the Fliteboard eFoil

hydrofoil lessons

Are you familiar with eFoiling yet?  It’s the world’s newest water/power sport, providing an experience both related to, and very different from, windsurfing, kiteboarding, or just plain old surfing.  Taking hydrofoil lessons with Gold Coast Hydrofoil Tours will afford you a unique opportunity to fly above the surface of the water without the aid of wind, waves, or a tow rope.


An eFoil is a board that riders lay, sit, or stand on.  When you apply the power to its silent electric motor, the board itself will rise out of the water, leaving only a thin mast, power unit, and hydrofoil propelling you silently over the water at speeds of 20 mph or more.

hydrofoil lessons

Sound a bit scary?  It isn’t, really.  While it’s exciting, and you can certainly expect to fall off the board quite a few times while you learn, Gold Coast Hydrofoil Tours instructors have been giving hydrofoil lessons for more than five years, with excellent results, because we don’t lose sight of the most important part of learning a new sport - the joy that participants receive.

hydrofoil lessons

Gold Coast Hydrofoil Tours can handle hydrofoil lessons for single people, couples, families, and large groups.  More experienced riders, who’ve begun to master the mechanics of hydrofoiling, can be taken on guided tours.  eFoiling provides an exciting and extraordinary way to explore the ocean.  The boards are nearly silent in operation and produce zero emissions.  You can be confident that you’re engaging in a power sport that is very low in impact to the environment, and far less disruptive than, say, a jetski.

At Gold Coast Hydrofoil Tours, instructors are sharing their passion for this new sport with as many people as possible.  All students get their hydrofoil lessons on the industry-leading Fliteboard eFoils, and in fact, the company has a close relationship with Fliteboard as an Authorized Fightschool.  The goal of Flightschools is to give everyone an opportunity to learn how to ride an eFoil Fliteboard in a supportive environment. 

hydrofoil lessons

It is the goal of every instructor at Gold Coast Foil Tours to provide hydrofoil lessons that can get every student up and flying before the end of the lesson.  Whether a participant navigates the learning curve quickly or slowly, instructors will ensure their comfort and enjoyment every step of the way.

Taking hydrofoil lessons with Gold Coast Foil Tours allows people to learn an exciting new sport, and affords them a unique way to experience the canals of the Gold Coast, a beautiful marine paradise in a world-class city.  All instructors are very careful stewards of the environment, and never enter areas with sensitive ecologies, like the Gold Coast’s protected mangroves.

hydrofoil lessons

Book yourself or someone you love an experience like no other - hydrofoil lessons with Gold Coast Hydrofoil Tours.  Experienced, confident, and helpful instructors are there to help students develop their skills - it’s the experience that ignites their passion.  Nobody ever leaves saying “I wish I hadn’t done that”.  

For more information about Gold Coast Hydrofoil Tours, or to book a tour or purchase a gift voucher, visit https://gcfoiltours.com.au/. 

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