Today Show visits Gold Coast Hydrofoil Tours

Karl Stefanovic and Georgie Gardner of Today Show experiences the Hydrofoil Tours and shares their thoughts about it. Find out what they had to say!


Are you familiar with eFoiling?

It’s the world’s newest watersport with an experience very similar to surfing but made much easier. Hard to believe? Here’s Karl Stefanovic’s take on his first eFoiling experience with Gold Coast Hydrofoil Tours quoted from his own words.

“It’s one of the coolest things I have ever done on the water, Hydrofoiling, which is Gold Coast’s latest thing.”


“It took a bit of getting used to, but because of all my surfing experience over the years, I was able to get up pretty quickly and really March through it within a short space of time.”

“One of the great experiences of my Whole life”


It has the fun of surfing without the need to paddle for your board to move forward or have keen eyesight to catch a glimpse of a coming wave. 


The eFoil uses a hydrofoil placed under the board that extends into the water. As the board gains more speed, the hydrofoil will start to lift the board out of the water due to kinetic making an illusion of flying above the water. It also has an advanced silent electric motor that’s battery-powered mounted, pushing the board forward. The engine can be controlled using a waterproof Bluetooth hand remote that can speed up to 25 mph.

No need for the wind to drag you like kitesurfing, or catching waves like surfing. Ride at your own pace with the newest eFoiling boards at Gold Coast Hydrofoil Tours. Book a slot now!

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